Tired of the vintage issues, like impedance conflicts, noise, instability and incompatibility with other circuits, we took the vintage fuzz circuits to a whole new level of usability, versatility and tonal range.


Deep Trip fuzz units bring all the vintage fuzz goodness without any of the vintage fuzz problems. Plug them to any instrument, amplifier or recording interface; pair them with any other pedal, including your favorite wah, in any position of your pedal chain; use the same standard 9V power supply you use for the others; trust your beloved tone will always be there, consistent, unharmed, free of noise or interference.


It sounds great, and it is great!


But there's more, much more. We put the vintage fuzz honey through a nice array of tone shaping tools that can take it to places you never knew it could! Have your fuzz face with tighter low end and overdrive-like qualities if you like, or with dramatic transistor bias deviations for exotic gated sounds with surprising decay overtones, or octave up effects. Have your tonebender with heavy bottom end and fast dynamic response, or thick fuzzy lows with piercing 60's treble content. Have your muff with tight lows and boosted high mids for a surprisingly convincing rock amp distortion, or dig deep in the scooped mids fuzziness for more vintage muff taste.


We are the agents of fuzz evolution. It's time for fuzz sapiens.