Deep Trip is the result of a continued effort of study and development of vintage analog guitar technology, applied to 21st century situations both live and in studio.


Since 2007, we've been offering new tools to shape, control and express your musical ideas, always focusing on disintegrating the boundaries and supporting your tonal needs while letting your creativity guide you through the deepest realms of your mind.


Our continuous pursuit is to cross all limitations of existing gear pieces and supply full featured tone machines that can work with virtually any set. So you know you can always rely on your Deep Trip units for any gig, job or crazy idea you may wake up with. Your limitation is your imagination.


All our units are designed and made one by one in downtown São Paulo, Brazil. We combine the main benefits of handmade and high technology manufacturing in order to deliver high quality reliable units that are finished, fine tuned and signed by their original designer, Du Menegozzo.That way we can deliver boutique quality control with the highest manufacturing level possible.


Here's your ticket, come join us on this Deep Trip.