Our specialty is offering vintage sounds with modern features and infinite possibilities. Our pedals combine many years of experience and research on vintage pedals (including the study of a growing collection of originals), together with contemporary consistency, reliability, gear compatibility and lowest environmental impact possible. Yes, you’ll find many vintage tones here; but you won’t find any old and rusty part, no unobtanium components, no “snake oil” talk, no parts full of lead or toxic materials, nothing like that. Nor you’ll find exact vintage circuits cloned/replicated inside our boxes, or digital stuff.

We design and build all analog circuits. We use top notch, proven quality components from all over the world; and we try to redirect every penny we save to improve the quality even further. We’re using audio grade WIMA capacitors from Germany, low noise high precision DALE resistors from the USA, Switchcraft and Neutrik connectors made in the USA and Germany respectively, and the list goes on. It’s not easy or cheap for a small company in South America to get all those parts, but that’s my job.

Deep Trip is about vintage inspired tones, but not about old circuits or old compromises. All models are designed, built and tuned to my own tonal beliefs and ears. Honestly, that’s all I can offer: what I think that SOUNDS right. I don’t own any truth, all I have is the stuff I hear on the records and what I can come up with some apparently lifeless components. Everything else is tone.

Welcome to Deep Trip land.
Du Menegozzo